Self Care King

About me

Steve is an certified wellness coach with eighteen years experience. Through his coaching and Clearpoint wellness facility, which he founded in 2005, he has helped hundreds of people get to a happier place. In this photo he's offering a self care session in a Finnish Sauna, which he built on our property.

Steve is a Stafford local who navigates off the beaten path. He grew up working at his parents' infamous pub. He served as a US Army cook in Germany. After returning from the service, family in New Hampshire needed him to help save a family business. He moved up north and learned the ropes. Together, they turned things around. Steve eventually bought the shares, ran it during his twenties and thirties, and sold it.

Then he traveled around the world! When he returned to his hometown, he enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and after graduation opened a retreat center called Clearpoint. At Clearpoint, with his wife Shannon, he hosted learning retreats and nature connect programs for ten years. He became an Emotional Freedom Technique expert, an Isagenix leader and a certified Ayurvedic Educator.

His passion is the development of the Clearpoint facility, self healing techniques and sharing the natural happiness of the outdoors. He lives in Connecticut with his wife Shannon and their two children.

Team or Group Experiences

Are you seeking a unique life transforming experience? A deeper connection to nature and her elements? The space within? Clearpoint is available for small group experiences and individual retreats.

Lets Chat

I understand the complexity, the challenges and joy of family life. Operating a business, being a good community member and not taking life so serious that you forget to have fun.

The first step with any coaching relationship is likeability. There must be a good fit for both the coach and client. To gain a better understanding of your situation, goals and expectations, I offer a complimentary consultation. You can contact me through my email at [email protected] or by telephone: 860-684-3994.


“While touring across North America it was my good fortune to meet Steve and Shannon at a renowned healing center in Southern AZ. Our easy connection led from instant friendship to conscious business partnering from 2010-12. Our work together was instrumental in growing my skill and reputation as a leadership coach and Kirtan artist” 

— Mike Cohen, Somatic Leadership Coach + Kirtan Leader

 You both know how to hold an open space so others may enter and attend to the requirements of the Soul. You know how to tend to every detail without being imposing. This in itself is a skill born only within those who walk their talk. You are both so humble in your capacity to serve others. And, it is obvious to all who encounter you that your willingness to do so comes out of such purity. 

-Michael Brown, Author of The Presence Process and Alchemy of the Heart

Thanks Steve for playing a pivotal role in getting The Tapping Solution Film off the ground. From hosting the four day Tapping Solution retreat to serving as an EFT Expert in the film. You and Shannon both know how to hold a space for transformation to happen. - Nick Ortner The Tapping Solution


“When I met Steve Munn three months ago, I was feeling off balance emotionally.  He has helped me feel strong, positive, and grounded.  Steve is wise, smart, caring, and a great addition to my life. -Randy Martin, Investment Advisor

“I can’t believe how different it is now compared to before when I was ill with nerves and totally avoided these things. I had to present two procedure documents (that I wrote) to my whole department, and it went brilliantly!! I felt pretty confident, hardly nervous at all and I made several jokes during the presentation and at the end people thanked me and said I am really good at presenting and I know how to keep them awake and entertained. I am on cloud nine!!!- KT