To transcend means to go beyond our range or limits.

Oftentimes we believe that we are alone in our suffering. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We all go through tough times, but often, life's trials will set up limits to our fullest expression and abilities to transcend. Life is stressful, anxiety provoking and frequently traumatic. In an effort to keep up with the pace of life we are often unaware of how deep our pain runs.

Each stressful experience leaves a mark that is impressed into both mind and body. Our life events, both good and bad, need space and time to be processed and assimilated.

These life events need space and a witness.

I believe that, even the most traumatic events can open a doorway towards a more meaningful and fulfilling life.



Freedom From Negative Emotions

Activating a marma point on your body opens inner pathways for healing body, mind and consciousness. We use self massage and tapping to release stuck and stagnate energy that will lead to clearer thinking and emotional freedom.

Breath Based Relaxation

We can go a week without water, a few months without food but only a few minutes without air. Breath is life and something we do 25000 times a day. The practice of breath offers the power of life force. Modern day research is proving what the ancients knew all along, that mindful breathing reduce the effects of stress on our bodies and offers unparalleled health benefits.

The Power of Environment

Most people don't realize this but environment is more powerful than willpower. Start building a more supportive community and create an environment that supports your highest self.

Path is Medicine

Each one of us has inherit genus and when we hold back our unique gifts due to fear, past hurt and procrastination we can literally make ourselves sick. Our path is medicine.

Is it time to get back on yours?


“When I met Steve Munn three months ago, I was feeling off balance emotionally.  He has helped me feel strong, positive, and grounded.  Steve is wise, smart, caring, and a great addition to my life. -Randy Martin, Investment Advisor

“I can’t believe how different it is now compared to before when I was ill with nerves and totally avoided these things. I had to present two procedure documents (that I wrote) to my whole department, and it went brilliantly!! I felt pretty confident, hardly nervous at all and I made several jokes during the presentation. I am on cloud nine!!!- KT

I just wanted to fill you in on the good stuff that's happened since our session. I've gotten five new judging jobs that I wasn't contracted to do, and my books have suddenly been selling really well! -Ann Jameison Author & Professional Writer

 You both know how to hold an open space so others may enter and attend to the requirements of the Soul. You know how to tend to every detail without being imposing. This in itself is a skill born only within those who walk their talk. You are both so humble in your capacity to serve others. And, it is obvious to all who encounter you that your willingness to do so comes out of such purity. 

-Michael Brown, Author of The Presence Process and Alchemy of the Heart

Ready to Transcend?

Ready to Transcend?

First coaching session is sixty minutes for $150

Each coaching session afterwards is thirty minutes for $75

Sessions are over Skype, Zoom or Phone.

Contact me @ [email protected]