Four Minute Workout

Maintain your fitness. 4 Minute Workout.

Every day I visit our nearby stream. It's my spot to get in a quick workout and refresh.

I've been doing this workout for the past couple years and it's time to share it.

The four minute workout I learned from Dr. Zack Bush and it's incredible.

It moves the sixteen largest muscles in your body in a quick cycle that is enough to start dumping nitric oxicide, which is a very important molecule for human health. It's discovery won the noble prize in medicine in 1992.

Increasing nitric oxide and dumping it into the blood stream:

  • thins the blood
  • helps to build and maintain muscle
  • revs up your metabolism into fat burning
  • strengthen immunity through movement
  • can offer protection against WIFI radiation
  • and more

I highly recommend watching this video with Dr. Bush, where he goes into the mechanics of it and offers variations for those with shoulder issues or other health conditions.

If you start a practice around this exercise let me know how it goes.

Wishing you the best!


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