Restorative Justice

Going to bed last night I was feeling tired.

Over the labor day weekend we traveled to a beach house to be with friends and celebrate the end of summer. We were also there to discuss moving forward with homeschooling our children together. It was a great two days until the final hour when our friends son took a rock and smashed it down on Leo’s hand. Which broke his finger and according to a eyewitness it appeared like a deliberate and violent strike. A trauma is defined as an overwhelming event that comes out of no where. For Leo it was intense, not to mention his parents, and he wailed for thirty minutes straight. Looking at his mangled finger we were horrified and shocked.

We gathered our emotions and made the decision to end the weekend on a good note and enjoyed some pie before heading home. The drive home only confirmed that we couldn’t let this event go by and that it really bothered us. It was helpful to hear from our local pastor Father Tom speak to addressing your problems with the other party rather than speaking about the issue with everybody else. So we reached out and set up a time to talk. On a morning walk with Leo, I asked him how he felt around the event.

Our eight year old said, “I’m hurt, angry, sad and jealous”,  “Jealous that everyone else was OK and he wasn’t”

A big part of my life’s work is to heal trauma and a big piece of that is cleaning up these tough life experiences as we go.

When a wrong is done, it needs to be addressed or it festers underneath the skin leading to bigger troubles down the road.

My wife sent me a restorative justice process that came from Franciscan Priest Richard Rohr that I’m finding to be helpful.

Here it is, let me know if you also find it helpful?

Restorative Justice Process.

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