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To transcend means to go beyond our range or limits.

Oftentimes we believe that we are alone in our suffering. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Life is stressful, anxiety provoking and frequently traumatic. In an effort to keep up with the pace of life we are often unaware of how deep our pain runs.

Each stressful experience leaves a mark that is impressed into both mind and body. Our life events, both good and bad, need space and time to be processed and assimilated.

Often our trials and tribulations need a witness. Someone who can listen and guide.

I believe that, even the most traumatic events, can open a doorway towards a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

No matter what obstacles life brings you there is a way through. Life isn't designed to be easy, when it comes too easily people often get into real trouble.

Area's that I excel in is with business breakthroughs, overcoming loss, dealing with addiction and guidance with a significant health challenge. I offer counsel in person, over the phone or skype.

All the best-Steve

This video explains my philosopy  and experiences offered. 


About Steve Munn

Steve is a Stafford local who navigates off the beaten path. He grew up working at his parents' infamous pub. He served as a US Army cook in Germany. After returning from the service, family in New Hampshire needed him to help save a family business. He moved up north and learned the ropes. Together, they turned things around. Steve eventually bought the shares, ran it during his twenties and thirties, and sold it. Then he traveled around the world! When he returned to his hometown, he enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and after graduation opened a retreat center called Clearpoint. At Clearpoint, with his wife Shannon, he hosted learning retreats and nature connect programs for ten years. He became an Emotional Freedom Technique expert, an Isagenix leader and a certified Ayurvedic Educator.

His passion is the development of the Clearpoint facility, self healing techniques and sharing the natural happiness of the outdoors. He lives in Connecticut with his wife Shannon and their two children.