Speaking Topics:

5 Master Keys for Stress Busting and Building Resilience.
When stress and overwhelm are left unchecked, people and organizations are left open to dis-ease and dis-function. Learn and experience tools and strategies that empower individuals to resolve tension patterns and create the mindset to fight off the effects of modern day stress.

Addressing NDD. Nature Deficiency Disorder.
Nature is the ultimate healing ground and stress reliever, yet far too many people are wasting their years being sedentary. Learn and experience startling new discoveries regarding our planets natural aromatherapy, healing energies, acupressure and more. We do not need to go back to nature, we need to move forward with nature. This talk will inspire your group to get excited about nature and GET OUTSIDE! They’ll become more productive guaranteed!

Physical Pain: Tap it OUT!
Reports of pain are increasing among middle-aged Americans. Government statistics on death rates and illness has seen a spike in mortality for people ages 45 to 54 in the period between 1999 and 2013. Physical pain causes loss in productivity and can lead to dependence on drugs, both legal and illegal, alcohol abuse and even suicide. This talk will be an eye opener that will empower people with self help tools to resolve trapped emotions and patterns of tension that drive physical pain.



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