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Steve Munn was raised on a small farm in the sleepy town of Stafford Springs, Connecticut. His father Bob drove a bread delivery truck in the early morning. In the afternoon he struck bizarre yoga poses in the living room, and trained Steve to stare into a candle to prepare for his Little League pitching. Before becoming his mother, Sandra Rose picked tobacco in the Connecticut fields. Then she gave birth to Steve, and fell head over heals in love for her little boy. When Steve was in his teens, Bob and Sandy bought an big old wooden building along the rural highway and called it Munn’s Pub. It was infamous town history from there.

When it came time to go to high school, Steve was sent to the local technical college to learn the electrician trade. He started working at age 15- that is, when he wasn’t grilling steaks on the weekends for the family pub. Upon high school graduation, his father Bob said, “Son, it’s time to serve your country,” as Bob handed him his packed bag. Soon after Steve found himself “demonstrating the push-up” at Army boot camp in the muggy heat of South Carolina where he was trained to be in food service, then shipped off to Germany for three years.

Upon returning home Steve went to work for a start up company that had an innovative concept of wholesaling wicker baskets using mobile showrooms. His hours on the road were filled with listening to charismatic gospel preachers on the radio and business gurus like Zig Zigler on tape. He dreamed of being a speaker himself, and would practice as he and Molson the dog rumbled down the highway. Ten years down the road, Steve had built quite a business, but a flood of imports from China, death of a dear employee, and his own dreams faded his enthusiasm for it. He sold Basket Buys at the age of 34, and took a trip around the world.

His first stop was Krishnamurti’s center in California, then a yoga retreat in Hawaii, then travels through Japan and Thailand, where he fasted on water for seven days. Returning home after his year abroad, Steve continued his study of self with long slow days full of meditation and time in nature. He volunteered for three months at the Omega Center, and decided that he would like to open up his own retreat center.

Fascinated by the Health Counselor he had hired that year, Steve enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become one himself. There he fell in love with energy medicine and a girl from Florida- all at about the same time.

Energized by his dreams and a little bit of love, Steve renovated his cement barn home into a place where classes could be held and guests could sleep. Steve called it ClearPoint, and invited a famous nutritionist to teach there. To Steve’s delighted surprise, he accepted, and his first event was booked to capacity.

Today Steve’s deepest passion lies in resolving trapped emotions and patterns of tension that stagnate business success, optimal performance or a healing response in the body. He serves individuals and groups around the globe through skype, phone or in person.


“I really enjoyed listening to you speak because you’re so in love with what you do, I found it very refreshing”-Veronica

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